In regard to commercial law, the firm has many years of experience in providing services to businesses, including both individual sole traders and companies. We provide advice in choosing the right form of business activity, as well as in selecting legal solutions which are most in-line with the form of business at hand.

We provide both ongoing support in the case of long-term partnerships, as well as emergency assistance in difficult situations. In pursuing the interests of our clients, whose activities are increasingly of an international nature, we conduct international cases and represent businesses in conflicts with international entities based on European and international law.

Thanks to our fluent knowledge of English, we conduct discussions and correspondence in English independently, without the need for interpreters/translators. In terms of commercial law we:

  • draw up contracts and provide professional opinions regarding contract proposals and existing contracts,
  • provide advice in reference to claims resulting from agreements or unfulfilled agreements,
  • undertake analyses of the client’s position in any given stage of the execution of a contract,
  • provide support during negotiations,
  • provide assistance in regard to international transport,
  • represent clients in legal and administrative proceedings and before the Tax Office,
  • pursue claims both in and out of court and undertake debt recovery.