Agnieszka Moszczyńska’s law firm in Wrocław was established in 2010. It’s primary objective is that of providing legal assistance to all those who might need it, in the form and to the extent appropriate for each client’s needs.

In satisfying the needs of its clients over the years, the firm has expanded the scope of its services to provide complex legal assistance with a multifaceted approach to each case. This is because good attorneys and good lawyers should be able to discern the various aspects comprising legal issues and thereby guarantee legal services of the highest quality.

What kind of cases does Agnieszka Moszczyńska’s Law Firm handle?

Wrocław Law Firm – with Agnieszka Moszczyńska at the helm – provides legal services related to many areas of life. It serves both private individuals and businesses. Our firm provides professional legal assistance with civil, administrative, penal, trade, international, labour, local and family law, as well as with social security.

Kancelaria prawna Wrocław

Our law firm in Wrocław employs attorneys who specialise in their fields and who are thus able to provide legal advice of the highest standard. Agnieszka Moszczyńska’s Law Firm also deals with various matters associated with divorces and the division of marital property.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Clients and their interests are of the utmost importance at our law firm. People often arrive at our doorstep when they are going through the most difficult of times, expecting not only assistance of the highest order, but also respect and kindness. We strive to make everyone feel secure in our company by taking on an individual approach to each client, which prioritises their needs and expectations. Our firm always starts by carrying out a close analysis of the case at hand and reliably informing clients of their legal standing, their chances of success and the strong and weak aspects of their cases. Agnieszka Moszczyńska’s Law Firm in Wrocław takes care of any and all formalities in the name of the client and ensures professional assistance at every step of the way.

We are particularly concerned with respecting trust and attorney-client privilege. In using our legal support services, clients can safely entrust us with even their most intimate matters. While we are highly experienced in dealing with complex family matters, we also provide mediation services prior to divorces and we also work with large corporations. We strive to tailor our services to the the needs of each potential client.

Modern Services At The Highest Level

Wrocław Law Firm always meets the expectations of every client. We have made it possible for clients to contact our attorneys and obtain advice from them in various forms, including electronic communication. There is no need to come to the firm in person in order to get professional legal assistance in your field of interest. We provide legal assistance in Polish and English, as well as partially in German. See also: Legal Advice in Wrocław.

We kindly invite you to get in touch and schedule an appointment or consultation with one of our highly trained and experienced specialists. We will do out utmost in order to provide you with assistance and advice quickly and effectively. Wrocław Law Firm provides services at the highest level, with the interests and satisfaction of the client at the forefront. We have a long history of success with difficult and complicated cases.

Aequitas sequitur legem

Equality Follows The Law

Kompleksowa obsługa prawna

Comprehensive Legal Services

In serving our clients – both those from abroad as well as those from all over Poland – we respect their time and make every effort to guarantee our legal services anywhere and at any time. In this regard, we use means of communication which make it possible to provide our services at a distance, twenty four hours a day, 7 days a week.

We conduct legal consultations through teleconferencing and videoconferencing and we have introduced a digital document circulation system which makes it possible for clients to have constant access to the documents submitted or received in their cases. Of course, we take our clients’ information security very seriously.

Legal services are provided in both Polish and English.

Legal Services for Companies in Wrocław

Wrocław Law Firm, situated at ul. Wita Stwosza 3 lok. 213, provides the highest quality legal services to both individual and business clients. We support our clients according to their wishes and in accordance with their needs. Among other things, our firm provides legal consultations, legal assistance, document reviews, letter writing, representation in negotiations, representation in court (as well as before other institutions and organs), consulting services and the conduct of court proceedings.

What makes a good attorney? Determination, professionalism, extensive knowledge and skill in listening to the client. It is these characteristics which have ensured our success over the years.

Our long term existing collaborations with experts in other fields – including bookkeeping, accounting, tax, property valuation and interpreting – guarantee our ability to provide comprehensive services in the following branches of law:

  • Family law
  • Divorce cases
  • Alimony
  • Inheritance law
  • The Hague Convention – in regard to international child abductions
  • Civil law
  • Criminal law and economic criminal law
  • Copyright law and intellectual property rights
  • Wrocław Business Law Firm
  • Transport law and the CMR convention
  • Labour law
  • Social security law
  • Real estate and housing law
  • International and European Union law
  • Corporate and Business law
  • European Court of Human Rights complaints


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Attorney Agnieszka Moszczyńska’s profession is her mission and, as such, she is at your service seven days a week. Many years of experience have shown that matters can sometimes take a sudden and unexpected turn; clients can thus contact her at their convenience, without nervously having to wait until Monday morning. A Good Attorney in Wrocław.

Knowledge of Languages

PBeing fluent in English and familiar with German, Ms. Moszczyńska – attorney – undertakes international legal cases and also provides legal assistance in English. Many years of experience dealing with cases of a transnational nature guarantee her ability to provide multifaceted legal assistance. Legal assistance in Wrocław.


The office is conveniently located in the heart of the Wrocław Market Square. Due to the close proximity to the District and Regional Courts, it is possible to meet the client directly before the trial in order to prepare for the trial in a substantive and emotional way. 


It is possible to park your vehicle on the street (e.g. on Wita Stwosza Street or Nowy Targ Square) near the Law Firm's premises. It is also possible to use one of the guarded car parks located near the Law Office (e.g. ,,P1" car park in Łaciarska Street, ,,Szewska Center" car park in Szewska Street, underground car park in Plac Nowy Targ, and the car park in Galeria Dominikańska.


Fees can be transferred directly to the firm’s bank account or can be paid in cash. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the costs of legal services at our law firm in Wrocław.