Legal Services Price List

Our Legal Firm provides services of the highest standard and spares no effort to ensure that clients are totally satisfied by their collaboration with us. In times of crisis, a good attorney is your best friend, which is why we approach each client’s situation individually, with the attorney’s fee dependent on the specifics of each case.

The fee is determined prior to initiating further collaboration, in a clear and transparent way, thus making it possible for the client to plan their legal assistance expenses in advance. Each client is provided with information about the way in which fees are calculated, as well as an estimate and a list of actions likely to be taken upon continuation of our work together.

Costs are dependent on many factors, including the kinds of services rendered, the range of responsibilities, the time required for carrying out the work, the level of case complexity, the deadline and on the place in which services are to be provided.


Please remember that fees are subject to 23% VAT.

We accept bank transfers to the firm’s bank account as well as cash. For more information, please contact Agnieszka Moszczyńska’s Law Firm.