Nobody willingly risks having problems relating to criminal law. However, there is always the potential for running into situations in life which might necessitate professional assistance. Our law firm has dealt with criminal cases for many years and, as such, we have a wealth of experience and a long list of successes with cases which were often very complex. We approach each case with the utmost seriousness and perform our duties in ways which achieve clients’ objectives. We conduct criminal and penal-fiscal cases, as well as dealing with misdemeanours, for clients from all over Poland as well as from abroad, irrespective of the court at which proceedings were initiated. Our services are available in Polish, English and, to a limited degree, in German. Agnieszka Moszczyńska’s Legal Firm in Wrocław always carries out its work reliably and professionally.


What kind of criminal law services are provided by the firm?

Agnieszka Moszczyńska’s Legal Firm ensures professional assistance to those suspected or accused of having committed a crime, including: planning an effective line of defence for preparatory proceedings, defence in court proceedings, participation in interrogations, meetings with arrested parties, as well as preparing trial documents (responses to indictments, appeals, cassation, petitions for cumulative judgements, postponing the execution of a sentence, temporary release and electronic monitoring). We represent those suspected or accused of crimes, as well as victims of crime asserting their rights in a criminal trial. We always undertake scrupulous analysis of trial evidence, as well as potential evidence and witness statements, so as to be able to prepare an effective line of defence for our clients. We are well aware of the serious nature of the situations in which our clients find themselves, which is why criminal cases undertaken by our law firm in Wrocław are only entrusted to our best and most experienced specialists.

Criminal Attorney in Wrocław

Our firm ensures legal assistance in international criminal cases, in cases where a European Arrest Warrant has been issued and in extradition cases. We are one of only a few firms with experience in international criminal law and thus well aware of how to conduct matters so as to assist our clients in the speediest manner.

The criminal matters addressed by Agnieszka Moszczyńska’s Law Firm in Wrocław are not only those directly related to crimes which have been committed. We are unique in that we have extensive experience in handling compensation cases related to criminal proceedings. Specifically, this relates to damages resulting from a crime, wrongful temporary arrest or the infringement of the rights of persons held in detention centres or correctional facilities. We fully empathise with all of the clients who come to us feeling wronged by the justice system and who would like to have their rights asserted. We feel joy and a sense of satisfaction from the long list of successes we have achieved in these matters.

Professional Legal Assistance In Every Situation

Our practical knowledge and experience in criminal law guarantee that our clients’ interests are protected in the right manner, irrespective of their legal situation. A well prepared line of defence ensures fair judgement by the court. Criminal case attorney in Wrocław – we approach each case individually and devote as much time and energy as necessary, in order to guide our clients through the proceedings from beginning to end. We are fully aware of the fact that many people come to us in dire circumstances affecting their entire families, which is why we go to the utmost effort to make sure that we always deal with criminal cases according to the wishes of the client. We are bound by client-attorney confidentiality and secrecy.

If needed, our legal assistance can be supplemented by electronic correspondence and other modern technologies. Thanks to this, clients can receive instantaneous responses to their most pressing questions as well as advice on how best to act. We take pains to be quick and effective so as to speed up court proceedings as much as possible. We are also happy to have you visit our firm in person for a traditional meeting, during which we will endeavour to collect as many facts as possible and indicate what we think would be the best possible course of action. We can recommend our criminal law services to all potential clients with absolute confidence. We guarantee an individual and solid approach to every case. Please feel free to contact us and make use of our professional help.