People don’t think about the possibility of divorce when they get married, but research has shown that, year by year, more and more marriages end up this way. Divorce proceedings are often very emotional experiences. They involve many issues – not only the spouses’ personal problems – but also questions regarding assets and child custody. Over the years, married couples work to build a future together, which then has to be dismantled suddenly but in a fair manner. Most of the time, divorce cases take place in the midst of conflict, which makes them particularly challenging for attorneys, as they necessitate supporting the client, whilst maintaining professionalism and working in their interests.


Divorce attorney from Wrocław with an individual approach

Being fully aware of the seriousness and complex nature of divorce cases, attorney Agnieszka Moszczyńska puts a premium on taking an individual and empathetic approach. We understand how difficult divorce court proceedings are for the whole family and we are also aware of what clients expect from us in these situations. Among other things, we aim to minimise the amount of conflict between the parties involved, so as to make sure the divorce proceeds in the least stressful atmosphere possible. We undertake professional mediation with both conflicting parties, so as to ensure as many benefits for the client as possible and to allow them to put an end to their marriage without any negative emotions. Divorce attorney in Wrocław Agnieszka Moszczyńska has extensive experience in carrying out divorce proceedings and has had much success in doing so. As a result, she is fully able to approach each case in a professional and highly individualised manner.

Attorney divorce Wrocław

There is no doubt that divorces bring about many significant changes in the lives of the couple involved, as well as in their children’s and other family members’ lives. It is difficult to take care of every important matter oneself, which is why it is worth consulting an expert who knows how to proceed at every step of the way. Taking into consideration the particular nature of each divorce, our Law Firm in Wrocław can ensure sound advice regarding all aspects of the process, which primarily involves property issues, alimony and child custody. Divorce attorney in Wrocław Agnieszka Moszczyńska has made it a habit to devote particular attention to every aspect of each divorce case she takes on, ensuring comprehensive services which are good for the client’s state of mind, emotional state and pocket. Our divorce attorneys take care of all the necessary formalities and collect all the required documents, also indicating just which documents and what evidence will be essential to win the case honestly in court, to conduct a proper division of assets and to obtain child custody.

What kind of matters does the divorce law firm in Wrocław handle?

Every day, divorce attorney from Wrocław Agnieszka Moszczyńska takes care of the various issues related to marriage. Spouses seek-out our help not only in the case of divorces, but also with a host of other problems. Marriage related issues are most commonly:

Divorces (in the case of wrongdoing by one of the marriage partners, as well as in the case of a no-fault divorce), Marriage annulments, Separations, Alimony for the spouse following a divorce, Division of common marital assets following a separation of assets.

There is no question that a good divorce attorney is needed in order to annul a marriage; one who has all the necessary knowledge and experience. This is because marriage annulment is not a simple matter – it requires significant engagement from the attorney. Often these kinds of cases can be just as complicated and take just as much time as divorce proceedings.

Spouses who have decided to go into separation should also avail themselves of the services of professionals with the necessary knowledge and competencies. Divorce attorney in Wrocław Agnieszka Moszczyńska successfully deals with separation cases in court on a day to day basis. Thanks to her experience, she is perfectly aware of how difficult such a decision can be for families, which is why she is always ready with professional advice and why she is so successful in dealing with such cases from start to finish. Our firm provides a wide range of services related to these kinds of court cases, making sure to customise them to the needs of each client. When changes occur in our lives, it is important that the most important matters are taken care of by trusted and competent people with impeccable reputations.

Matters related to assets and alimony in safe hands

In the process of dealing with issues related to marriage, Wrocław divorce attorney Agnieszka Moszczyńska can also take on matters related to assets. Divorces are often associated with filing alimony applications for one of the parties, as well as the need for dividing up the spouses’ collected assets. Depending on the marriage system in place, our divorce attorney from Wrocław will customise the services provided and take care of all the necessary formalities in the name of the client. We can also mediate between the conflicted spouses, to give them a chance to reconcile their differences and so they can make conscious decisions regarding the most pressing issues. Many people are unaware of the fact that if the parties are unable to come to an agreement, it is the court which has the final say. In many cases, when the demands of each party are in line with each other, the actual court hearing is just a formality. The role of the attorney in such cases to achieve the best possible financial settlement for the client.

It is worth taking advantage of the help of an excellent divorce attorney in Wrocław; one who will present the client with a picture of their legal standing and who will point out different possible courses of action. Securing alimony from one’s ex-spouse is not a simple matter, since many people conceal their actual incomes. Only a well prepared line of evidence, together with sound argumentation by the attorney, can lead to success. The sides apply for alimony not just in regard to each other, but also for their young children. Agnieszka Moszczyńska, divorce attorney from Wrocław, has been successfully pursuing alimony cases for many years. She is well know in professional circles and often comes recommended as a result of her experience and knowledge.

We also welcome clients at our firm who would like to divide their assets. These matters should be supervised by an experienced attorney, as they often have an important bearing on people’s futures. Over the years, a married couple can accumulate not just large amounts of cash, but also real estate and moveable property, which need to be divided up fairly so that neither party is left feeling hard done by.

Professional services from a divorce attorney in Wrocław

It is worth taking advantage of Agnieszka Moszczyńska’s professional advice when planning significant changes – such as separations, divorces or other such events – in your married life. Our divorce attorney from Wrocław specialises in these kinds of court proceedings and has had quite a few successes over the years. Our firm is known for its professional and highly individualised approach. Our attorneys realise that, besides expert legal advice, their clients often need someone who will just listen and with whom they can simply talk about their problems; when their whole lives are undergoing drastic changes while the people around them demand immediate action. The attorney works with the client to plan each step of the way, but also conducts a thorough interview with them, so as to be able to collect evidence effectively and call on the necessary witnesses. Only a well planned strategy will ensure that the arguments presented by a party will be taken into consideration by the court. Hiring a good attorney, who knows their job well, will ensure that matters move along in the right direction. Such an attorney will devote significant time and effort in preparing to present the case properly during a court hearing. The better the attorney, the faster the case moves along and the sooner it will be possible to carry on with life.

In the case of a planned divorce or separation, or when a judicial division of property is required, we kindly encourage you to take advantage of the comprehensive services offered by our divorce attorney in Wrocław and to get in touch with our firm in order to make an appointment for a meeting at your convenience. You can rest assured that we are always professional and discrete. Client well-being and satisfaction are our priorities. We go out of our way to tackle the biggest challenges and our goal is to secure the best possible outcomes for our clients in court. All of the satisfied clients with whom we have had the pleasure to work will attest to the fact that we are highly competent and we warmly invite you to take advantage of the services offered by our firm.