We are highly versed in matters pertaining to real estate and housing. We offer comprehensive advice and legal services to housing cooperatives.

There is no doubt that conflicts and disputes often occur during the day to day functioning of housing cooperatives. This is why we support clients by providing them with advice relating to tenants’ rights and obligations, as well as on the relations between cooperative bodies and their members. Our conduct is based on open and clear communication. Housing law and problems relating to real estate or housing cooperatives are issues our Law Firm faces particularly often and having many years of experience in this field, we can advise our clients in regard to:

  • The protection of the rights of tenants in communal, social and private housing,
  • Separate ownership titles for premises,
  • Purchasing municipality-owned premises,
  • Upholding the rights and responsibilities of landlords,
  • Vacating and returning premises to the owner (eviction cases),
  • Management of jointly owned real estate,
  • Complaints pertaining to housing cooperative decisions,
  • Rent in arrears and other outstanding financial obligations,
  • Compensation for damage to premises,
  • Establishing rental agreements following the death of a tenant.

We also pursue contractual penalties and compensation.

We participate in negotiations regarding the provision of development contracts.