Agniezka Moszczyńska’s Law Firm in Wrocław specialises in international matters. Our fluency in English makes it possible for us to conduct discussions and correspondence independently and on an ongoing basis, without the need for interpreters or translators. Our thorough knowledge of international conventions, as well as European and international law, makes it possible for us to conduct trans-national cases in a reliable manner. A good attorney is one who is aware of the serious and multifaceted nature of international matters.

International Law Attorney Wrocław

Our Law Firm in Wrocław provides services to legal entities residing outside Poland who have matters of an international nature, but who are under the jurisdiction of Polish courts. This includes civil, family, inheritance, criminal and commercial cases. We also work with law firms in the European Union and the USA to provide legal services in cases occurring before institutions and courts in other European countries.

We also conduct cases related to international transport in which a European Payment Order has been issued, as well as applying for such orders in the name of our clients.

We prepare and submit complaints to the European Court of Human Rights in cases of human rights violations.