Labour law stipulates the rights and responsibilities of employers and their employees. With a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge, we provide legal services of the highest calibre to both employees and employers. In the realm of labour law, attorney Agnieszka Moszczyńska strives, first and foremost, to solve problematic matters and to dispel clients’ legal doubts. They can count on professional support in pursuing claims related to labour relations, both during trials and in preparation for them.

Attorney Labour Law Wrocław

Labour law includes norms relating to: the formation of, changes to and cessation of labour relations, employers’ and employees’ rights and obligations, working hours, remuneration, vacation leave, benefits related to the birth of children, as well as fair treatment at work.

Labour law is regulated by the Labour Code from the 26th of June 1974 and other legal acts.

Regarding labour law, attorney Agnieszka Moszczyńska deals with:

  • Pursuing overtime payment and compensation payouts, declaring termination of employment notices to be invalid, reinstatement of employment,
  • Drawing up opinions regarding labour law issues,,
  • Drafting agreements relating to employment conditions, non-competition clauses and conciliatory proposals.

Our Law Firm in Wrocław also represents clients before organs such as the Social Security Office and the National Labour Inspectorate. We also take part in negotiations relating to court proceedings and out of court settlements.