Agnieszka Moszczyńska’s Law Firm in Wrocław has extensive experience in providing legal services to businesses. We advise on corporate matters related to the everyday functioning of companies as well as on issues associated with conducting business activities. Both new and established businesses need the kind of varied support which is useful not only in achieving concrete trial outcomes, but which is also of use in legal consultations, as well as in preparing mediation strategies. The assistance provided by professional legal firms must take take into consideration the needs of companies before administrative organs, as well as courts. For this reason, the best possible legal services in Wrocław can only be undertaken by attorneys with a wealth of experience and wide ranging knowledge.


Selecting a professional firm is the key to success

The legal services in Wrocław offered by Agnieszka Moszczyńska’s law firm satisfy all of the criteria mentioned above. Furthermore, the firm guarantees the pursuit of its clients’ interests, as well as conducting meetings and participating in court hearings, in both English and German. Moreover, our knowledge of international law is very useful in cases involving trade regulations, commercial law and trade between companies. By availing themselves of the assistance of experienced attorneys, business people are free to focus on everyday operations, while leaving legal-administrative matters in the hands of a trusted law firm.

Detailed familiarity of acts and ministerial orders makes up only a part of the knowledge and competencies comprising effective and complete legal services for companies. Small, medium and large sized businesses can count on the fact that the legal services in Wrocław provided by Agnieszka Moszczyńska’s Law Firm satisfy the demands of even the most demanding business owners. We take great pains not to limit ourselves to just providing assistance during crises; we offer a full range of consulting and legal advisory services, assist in formulating negotiation strategies and – when needed – organise and conduct mediation.

Legal services in Wrocław with our help

We assist in choosing the most appropriate form of business activity, draft contracts, resolutions, legal opinions and procedural letters, provide opinions regarding business agreements and represent clients before all the institutions associated with a particular case. It makes no difference to us whether the issue at hand involves a typical procedural matter related to labour law, or if it necessitates working out a company’s position and representing them in mediation. Our employees have prodigious experience in dealing with relations between business and commercial entities, on the one hand, and state organs and local governments, on the other. This is of particular importance in a city like Wrocław, where most business, organisational and legal relations occur at a European and international level. Our legal services in Wrocław and its surrounds are a result of our ability to work concurrently on a multitude of levels – including labour law, tenders and company law (civil partnerships and commercial companies) – and it is this which makes Agnieszka Moszczyśnka’s Law Firm unique. We are, of course, only too happy to share our extensive know-how with all of our clients.

We provide comprehensive and professional legal assistance in regard to all commercial matters. Every agreement a company or firm enters into should first be assessed by an experienced legal councillor and checked in terms of its compliance with the prevailing tax regulations or labour laws. Our legal services in Wrocław have, for years now, made it possible to establish relations with many different kinds of Polish, European and global entities and institutions. As such, in choosing our firm to support you, you are receiving an entire gamut of services related to your legal and commercial interests.


Our specialised legal consulting services include:

Administrative Law – representing commercial entities before public administrative offices and regional governments. This can be particularly helpful for business owners, but not only, taking part in public tenders or executing contracts for regional bodies.

Civil Law – we prepare documents and legal positions, provide strategic advice, chair meetings between our clients and opposing parties, take part in negotiations and represent our clients in trials.

Copyright Law – we pursue the interests of creators carrying out contracts for specific works and conduct cases in the interests of copyright holders, irrespective of geographical distance or the passage of time.

Commercial Law – we provide support to small and medium sized businesses, micro-enterprises, startups and sole traders, as well as farms and other agricultural enterprises; also in regard to their international or European Union legal transactions.

Trading Companies – thanks to our vast experience regarding trading companies doing business on an international level, we are well qualified to coordinate and to provide oversight in regard to all aspects of trading companies’ business, no matter how large the scale.

Labour Law – providing services to staff and to payroll, as well as the challenges of dealing with court and Labour Inspectorate proceedings, make up our daily bread. This is why our legal services in Wrocław for firms often include a very large range of issues related to labour law.

Social Security Law – we assist in interpreting regulations obligating employers to pay social security contributions on behalf of their employees.

Antitrust Law – in tandem with copyrights laws, antitrust laws assist us in securing the interests of entities working in cultural fields as well as creators and performers making their earning on the basis of contracts for specific works or the provision of services commissioned by commercial entities.

International Law – Wrocław has always been a transit point between Poland and the rest of Europe. These days, it is an ever-increasing base for industry, business, education and tourism. As such, international law is becoming increasingly applicable here, which is why legal services for Wrocław and its businesses must take into account the regulations of the European Union market and beyond.

Assistance at every stage of the way and in every aspect

We would like to invite anyone interested in working with our Law Firm to our office in Wrocław, as well as to get in touch with us directly by telephone. Our attorneys will be at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please feel free to get in touch in regard to any aspect of the firm’s activities. Business owners who are also employers rarely have full time staff to take care of all the organisational and bookkeeping work associated with running a business, which is why our legal services in Wrocław often involve just carrying out such accounting and bookkeeping tasks. In special cases, we can represent either an employer or employee before the labour law court, if their rights are violated in any way.

Thanks to years of experience on the cultural services market, we have know-how regarding the legal services in Wrocław required by firms and one-person companies which provide knowledge and services as performers, creators and artists. It is not only the taxation system regarding cultural works and works of art that is unique; copyright law, which is relevant to the work of creators and artists and which connects their work with the people acquiring and consuming it, is also unique. This is why all creators executing contracts in the field of copyright law and producing intellectual property, can count on our experienced, established and reputable firm to secure their key interests.

Full client care irrespective of the business profile

The profile of a company or the business sector it is involved in are irrelevant from our point of view – we are equally engaged in facing all our clients’ challenges. We are well aware of the extent to which everyone running their own businesses is concerned with securing their legal interests properly and this is why Agnieszka Moszczyńska’s firm’s legal services for Wrocław and its surrounds are delivered with meticulous care and attention to detail. We know that all companies, even the smallest ones, are usually the result of a lifetime’s work for their owners and this is why we suggest getting in touch with us right from the beginning of your enterprise. It makes sense to have a law firm on your side, which is experienced in carrying out business in various spheres and in the context of a rapidly changing legal system. Both in regard to trade and companies which provide services to each other across national borders, particularly within the European Union, having a detailed understanding of international law is of paramount importance.

Our many years of providing services to firms registered in Wrocław and beyond have given us the opportunity to try out a wide variety of courses of action. Accordingly, we have learned how to carry out all forms of business negotiations and administrative and court proceedings. In a timely manner, we are able to take care of all the processes and actions related to the kind of business you are engaged in. Alternatively, we can start simply as consultants or by conducting an audit of your firm’s internal documentation. The range of legal services we supply is always determined by the needs of the company we are working with. Moreover, the collaborative and controlling plans we draw up are matched to the needs, capabilities and expectations of each particular business.