The Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services to entities dealing with trade law, which is a separate part of civil law. We monitor trade law regulations and are up to date with all the changes occurring, which means that we are able to guarantee professional legal services of the highest quality to our clients. In regard to traders, we:

  • assist in choosing the most appropriate form of business activity,
  • prepare documents regarding the running of a business: contracts, decisions, notifications and subpoenas,
  • participate in negotiations stemming from conflicts and represent our clients both during pre-trial periods and during trials. 

In regard to company law, we handle issues dealing with:

  • The everyday economic functioning of companies,
  • The analysis and drafting of agreements and decisions,
  • Human resources, representation and the competencies of the controlling members of the company and their associates,
  • The establishment, registration, restructuring or liquidation or companies,
  • Changes to company agreements, changes in personnel and registration of changes with the National Court Register (KRS),
  • Raising or lowering share capital.

Moreover, we advise and represent clients in corporate disputes, including:

  • Appeals to and protection of decisions made by governing bodies,
  • Partner exclusions and company dissolution,
  • Pursuing claims regarding the responsibilities of members of the boards of limited liability companies.