The firm has been providing services to transport companies for many years. Our extensive experience, gained from our practice of transport law, has given us a wide knowledge of the field as well as effectiveness in solving our clients’ problems. The cases we are involved with are often based on international law; in which we are well versed. As a result, more often than not we are able to correctly determine the responsibilities of the various entities – carrier, sub-contractor, forwarder – involved in transactions.

Transport law and international law are of particular importance in regard to the international movement of goods and services.

In the realm of transport law we offer:

  • Legal services for transport and shipping companies,
  • Support in negotiations and the preparation of transport contracts,
  • The formulation of professional opinions regarding transport and shipping companies’ day-to-day activities,
  • Advice and legal assistance in regard to disputes about the execution of transport and shipping agreements,
  • Legal assistance in pursuing compensation in cases of breach of contract and improper discharge of contract duties, as well as the damages resulting from these,
  • Client representation in compensation proceedings before insurance companies and courts,
  • Client representation in relations with public administration offices such as the Regional Road Transport Inspectorate and the Chief Inspector of Road Transport.